New vertical racking allows room to accommodate top boxes in addition to your bicycle.
Horizontally mounted Fork Tower holds your bicycle’s front fork the same as our other bicycle racks. This Fork Tower arm telescopes in and out to let you customize how your bicycle mounts.
The Inner Extension Arm telescopes up and down to accommodate any bicycle size as well as elevate its position relative to the ground.
The Wheel Holder arm functions similarily to our other bicycle carrier racks. In this case however, it can be mounted up, down, left, right, or on either side of the Vert Rack. Feel free to mount your front wheel however you’d like!
This is what we consider the “Main Arm” of the Vert Rack and is where the bottom time of your bicycle rests. Two protruding craddle arms ensure it will not slip off the bar. In addition, a yellow velcro strap is attached to the arm for added security.

What is the difference between the Vert Rack and the other bicycle carriers?

Unlike our traditional bicycle carrier racks, the Vert Rack carries your bicycle in a vertical position. We believe both setups provide the same stability, but the Vert Rack offers some additional versatility that the horizontal setup wasn't able to accommodate.

So can I use it with my top box?

Yes! The only exception is that you must be using a top box that has a mounting/mating plate that can be re-installed over your 2x2 Cycles Base Rack. Boxes like those provided by Givi that utilize mounting plates are a good example.

Can I leave my front wheel on my bicycle?

In some cases yes! Although you cannot leave the front wheel on with road bikes, you can with most mountain bikes and BMX bikes. We provide an optional accessory called the Mountain Bike Tower that replaces the fork tower of the Vert Rack. This piece then allows for you to simply set your mountain bike into the new cradle like tower and hit the road!

Is the Vert Rack adjustable to fit my bicycle?

Absolutely. The Vert Rack offers extensive adjustability to accommodate any bicycle. The rack telescopes up and down to elongate/shorten itself and the fork tower arm telescopes in/out to adjust the rake. Utilizing these in tandem allows a significant amount of customizability to ensure you mount your bicycle exactly how you would like.

What if my bicycle has a thru-axle?

Operating the same as our other bicycle carriers, that is no problem! The fork tower comes setup for both standard and thru-axles.

What about boosts and 150s?

We offer accessory pieces to accommodate for both of these. Please note, the default setup of the Vert Rack does not fit these bicycles and do require the addition of add-on pieces that can be found on our adapters page.

Which fork tower should I use?

All Vert Racks come with our standard Fork Tower arm. This Fork Tower arm works for all road bikes and mountain bikes. We have 2 optional Tower arms that opens the possibility to run your mountain bike or bmx bike with the front tire still on, as well as making the mounting even quicker even if the front tire stills needs to be removed. These are the Mountain Bike Tower, which has 4 prongs and the BMX Tower, which has 3 prongs.

I already have one of your other bicycle carriers, do I need to buy a whole new plate?

Absolutely not! You can purchase just the Vert Rack arm itself and install it in your existing 2x2 Cycles base rack in the same receiving tube you used for the other bicycle rack arm that held your bicycle crank. No need for a whole new base plate!

Does it work with the Mini Rack plate I have?

Yup! The same as said above. If you have any 2x2 Cycles plate already mounted to your moto, the Vert Rack arm is easily compatible with it.

What else makes the Vert Rack different? Can I use it with my car?

As a matter of fact you can. We have an accessory piece called "The Spike" that installs where the "ball" of your trailer hitch is. Remove that ball and install The Spike. Now, the Vert Rack simply slides down on top of the spike and locks into place with the side locking nut. This allows you to very, very easily go from having the Vert Rack on your moto to on your car in a matter of seconds!

How easy is it to mount my bicycle?

Very easy! There's really only 4 steps. Remove your front wheel, set your bicycles front fork into the provided Fork Tower Arm, rest the bicycle down along the rack, and then lock your front wheel in the front wheel storage arm with your bicycles existing axle. It is very quick and easy.

Can I still ride 2 up?

Yes, in most cases you can still ride 2 up with your bicycle mounted.

Do you have a video going over all this?

Absolutely! Check out the video below for a complete walkthrough of the Vertical Rack including all the pieces, how they are assembled, and how to load/unload bicycles to it.

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