The Mini Vert Rack – Bicycle Carrier


The all new 2×2 Cycles Vert Rack provides an entirely new reimagining of how we carry our bicycles on our motorcycles. Born out of a desire to be able to run to the trails on extended trips with both our bicycle and our top box, the Vert Rack came into focus. Now being able to go on multi-day adventures with all of your gear is possible; a goal of ours we have always wanted to achieve. In order to accomplish this, we had to completely change how we’ve looked at mounting our bicycles.

The Vert Rack breaks down into four components. You have the Main Arm, which is where your bicycles rear tire sits in the cradle. Next you have the Inner Extension Arm. This arm telescopes vertically in the mid section to lower or raise how far off the ground your bicycle rests. At the top, the new fork tower telescopes horizontally to accommodate nearly any style of bicycle and is where you will mounting your front fork. Off to the side in the middle of the Vert Rack is the new Wheel Holder. This Wheel Holder is unique in that it too telescopes in and out to adjust how far your front tire is from your bicycle. In addition to this, the Wheel Holder can also be mounted on the right or left, up or down, left or right. We wanted to be able to offer ultimate adjustability so the Vert Rack will suit your unique style without any compromises! 

Once loaded with your front wheel locked in place on the storage arm, you’ll be able to access to your top box (provided it has a mounting plate that mounts on top of the 2×2 Cycles base rack) mounted on your moto for all the gear you need. 

The Vert Rack is handmade in our shop just like all of our other racks and fits to the same base plates, in this case the Mini Plate, we’ve always used. This means if you already have one of our racks and want to switch it up to the Vert Rack, you don’t need to buy a whole new base plate. You can still use your existing one! 

Tons of time and engineering went into the design of the Vert Rack to ensure it lives up to the same standards we strive to achieve with all of our products. Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, we believe and stand by the Vert Rack to live up to all the challenges and thrills we subject ourselves to out on the road. Let your motorcycle do more! 

Please note: This is for motorcycles that have a luggage rack or similar platform to mount the Mini Plate to. Please refer to the photo in the gallery to see one example of using u-bolts (provided) to attach to a tubular luggage rack. This Mini Plate is designed specifically for this purpose and is not a custom fit for your moto.