Harley Davidson/Indian Vert Rack


Designed with durability, safety, and adventure in mind, the 2×2 Cycles Vert Rack delivers an incredibly easy to use and secure method for transporting your bicycle(s) on your Harley Davidson or Indian motorcycle. Not only that, but we utilize Harley Davidson/Indian quick disconnect hardware to make installing our Quick Disconnect Base as easy as any other Harley/Indian quick disconnect product! See below for all the details about the Vert Rack! 

If you’re intending to carry your mountain bike on the Vert Rack, we highly advise taking a look at our Mountain Bike Tower

This product is designed to fit to Harley Davidson/Indian OEM quick disconnect posts. These are REQUIRED for mounting our Quick Disconnect Base Block.

If you’re looking to mount our Vert Rack to the Harley Davidson Pan America or Indian FTR, please see our Moto Vert Rack page and select “Custom” for your install style as these models do not utilize quick detach hardware. Thank you!


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Who says you can't take it with you?

The 2×2 Cycles Vert Rack provides a versatile alternative to our horizontal bicycle carrying rack. Born out of a desire to be able to run to the trails on extended trips with both our bicycle and our top box, the Vert Rack came into focus. Now being able to go on multi-day adventures with all of your gear is possible; a goal of ours we have always wanted to achieve.

The Vert Rack breaks down into 5 components. You have the Rear Wheel Support, which is where your bicycles rear tire rests. Next, you have the Extension Bar/Arm which telescopes vertically in the mid section (Main Body) to lower or raise how far off the ground your bicycle rests. At the top, the Fork Tower telescopes horizontally to accommodate nearly any size of bicycle and is where you will mount your front fork. Off to the side in the middle of the Main Body is the Front Wheel Holder. This wheel holder is unique in that it too telescopes in and out to adjust how far your front tire is from your bicycle. In addition to this, the wheel holder can also be mounted on the right or left and up or down. Altogether, you have an exceedingly adjustable rack to suit your style and your needs without compromise.

The Vert Rack provides you with the ability to still access a top trunk when you have your bicycle mounted. By positioning the bicycle at the rear of our Base Plate, you can use the Base Plate as a mounting point for your top trunk! We recommend checking out our convenient mounting options such as the Givi Top Box Adapter if you already have a Givi top box or our more universal Luggage Adapter Plate.

The Vert Rack is the latest bicycle rack from 2×2 Cycles and is passionately handmade in North Carolina like all of our products. We pride ourselves on delivering a product that exceeds your expectations and is built to live up to all the challenges and thrills we subject ourselves to out on the road. Who says you can’t take it with you?

Vert Rack Assembled
Rear Wheel Support
Extension Bar
Fork Tower
Front Wheel Holder
Main Body

Don’t just do one activity.

Be More Like Spencer. Do Both. 

No clamping to the bicycle frame

Your bicycles rear tire rests safely in the cradle at the bottom of the Vert Rack while the front fork of your bicycle locks into the fork tower at the top of the Vert Rack. Safely carry your bicycle without fear of scuffing or damaging any part of it!

Fully Adjustable

With every component capable of telescoping, the Vert Rack has extensive adjustability to support nearly all bicycles. Make the Vert Rack your own and mount your bicycle in the way that best suits you!

Vast Support

Our custom made racks can be installed on countless motorcycles. Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, BMW, Harley Davidson, the list goes on.

Handmade in the United States

And not only that, but backed by our Lifetime Guarantee! We've got you covered.

Vertical Rack Accessories

Some accessories may be required to properly mount your bicycle

  • 110 Boost Adapter

  • BMX Tower

  • Cargo Rack

  • Lefty Adapter

  • Mountain Bike Tower

  • Speed Wheel Mount

  • Vert Rack Fork Towers