The MotoGrill


At 2×2 Cycles, we believe you can ditch the car and still bring all the fun. In our efforts to realize this belief, we’re providing a product that changes the game when it comes to tailgating.

The 2×2 Cycles MotoGrill securely attaches to the rear of your motorcycle using the same 2×2 Cycles base rack as our bicycle and golf bag carriers. This allows you the choice of taking your bicycle, clubs, or grill with you without worrying about having to buy a new racking system for each toy.

Using the MotoGrill with our Adventure Tray provides additional opportunity for transporting your gear. The Adventure Tray outfits your motorcycle with a dependable and secure platform to transport your cooler and other gear when you’re ready to grill.

Some highlights of the MotoGrill:

  • Stainless steel
  • Propane operated (gas not included)
  • Adjustable cutting board
  • Adjusts in and out and gimbals to level
  • Backup locking system
  • Compatible with any 2×2 Cycles base racks, regardless of motorcycle or previous accessory
  • A 2×2 Cycles base rack is required to use the MotoGrill

Get out there, enjoy a ride, and pull over for some fendergating.

Note: There are three options below. You must select a response for all 3 in order to add the product to your cart. One of the options asks if you currently own any of our 2×2 cycle racks. If you do, select yes as you do not need the entire rack; just the MotoGrill attachment (compatible with all existing 2×2 Cycle racks).

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Check out our quick video to see how the MotoGrill works: