MultiGrip Rack (Mini Rack)


The 2×2 Cycles MultiGrip Rack is an exciting new development in the 2×2 Cycles racking family. Utilizing an incredible and secure construction from Rhino Rack, together with a telescoping design from 2×2 Cycles and traditional base plate fitments, you can now hit the road with even more! With the right gear, you can hit the slopes on your bike or take the trip to your favorite fishing spot on your motorcycle instead of loading up the car. 

The Rhino Rack components fit up to 2 pairs of skis or 4+ fishing rods and has an internal rubber grip to safely secure your equipment against as well as to easily position your equipment in the rack. In addition, the Rhino Rack components are Masterkey compatible and come with a pre made key for the locking mechanism.

Combined with our traditional racking system, the Rhino Rack components can telescope vertically to accommodate different length skis, fishing rods, etc or to position them away from the ground for more clearance depending on your motorcycle. The MultiGrip Rack is handmade in our shop just like all of our racks and fits to the very same base plates we’ve always used. This means if you already have one of our racks and want to switch it up to the MultiGrip Rack instead of carrying your bicycles, you don’t need to buy a whole new base plate!

Please note: This is for motorcycles that have a luggage rack or similar platform to mount the Mini Plate to and provides the same strong and secure base for all our racking systems (golf club carriers, bicycle carriers, etc). The Mini plate is designed specifically for luggage racks and is not made as a custom fit to your specific motor. Please refer to the photo in the gallery to see one example of using u-bolts (provided) to attach to a tubular luggage rack. This Mini Plate is designed specifically for this purpose and again is not a custom fit for your moto. 

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