Metric Cruiser Fit Kit


The 2×2 Cycles Metric Cruiser Fit Kit is an adaptable system that allows for our bicycle or golf carrier racks to be easily installed on your metric cruiser. Designed to be mounted to any metric cruiser, this kit comes with F-Plates and 90 degree brackets that mount to the rear fender side struts. Once installed, these provide a surface for one of our plates to bolt down and be positioned over your rear fender area! Highly pre-customized, the F-Plate side brackets provide ample amounts of adjustability so you can choose where you want your rack to sit on your metric cruiser!

Please note: This is only a fit kit! This is not a full rack. This fit kit is required for metric cruisers and must be ordered with your choice of rack (such as the Moto Bicycle Carrier) to facilitate proper mounting.

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