Luggage Adapter Plate


Have a 2×2 Cycles Mounting Plate (the base rack that bolts to your moto) and want to easily add some aftermarket hardware to your setup? This adapter piece easily slots into the receiver tube of all 2×2 Cycles Mounting/Base Plates. This can slot in the front or rear of the receiver tube (you can adjust how far in or out) allowing you to quickly mount hard boxes, our ADV Tray, or really any aftermarket boxes you would like to add to your 2×2 Cycles setup! You will have to add the mounting holes as needed to mount your desired boxes/hardware.

After sliding the adapter plate into your 2×2 Cycles rack, simply tighten one bolt and our internal wedge design will secure the adapter plate in place. Easy as that! 

If you’re interested in adding Givi hardware to your 2×2 Cycles rack, we highly advise taking a look at our Givi Top Box Adapter for the easiest and quickest system to add and remove Givi top boxes to your 2×2 Cycles rack!