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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Are your racks easy to install?

Our racks are designed to be very easy to install! The process starts with what we call the “Base Plate” or Quick Release Block (for Harley and Indians). This is the hardware that gets directly mounted to your moto and only needs to be installed once. We have 2 variations of Base Plates, and we highly recommend you check out our page going over the differences: Classic vs Custom Fit

The short version is that our Custom Base Plate is typically a 4 bolt process directly to your Moto. This is made to fit to your specific Moto/Givi hardware. The Classic Base Plate is designed for aftermarket (or in some cases, OEM) luggage racks already on your moto. The Classic Plate gets secured via u-bolts to a tubular luggage rack, or some other variation of 4 bolts on a flat luggage rack. In all cases, this is usually a very quick process that you only need to do once! 

For Harley and Indian riders, we mount directly to the OEM quick disconnect posts. This allows for an incredibly simple install that does not require any tools and takes less than a minute. 

We also offer trailer hitch mounts that function similarly to other trailer hitch mounts. Dead simple! 

Will I have to modify my moto or do any drilling to install the base plate?

Installation of any of our 2×2 Cycles Base Plates/Quick Release Blocks require no modifications to your moto. We provide the necessary hardware to mount our Base Plate cleanly to your moto. Only in extremely rare and unusual cases may recommend any type of irreversible modifications, but this highly unlikely for the vast majority of use cases.

In addition, no modifications ever need to be made to your bicycle, golf clubs, toys, etc for them to mount to our racks.  

Can I use different rack systems with the same base?

Absolutely! Our Base Plates/Quick Release Blocks are simply the foundation of the 2×2 Cycles system! All of our main product pages include the initial Base Plate/Quick Release Block for whichever racking system you’re wanting to purchase. After that, if you want to switch from say the Vertical Bicycle Carrier to the Golf Club Carrier, you can purchase the Attachment Kit and use it with your already installed base! 

What moto models do you fit?

We aim to fit nearly every motorcycle, scooter, cruiser, trike, etc out there. That sounds broad and that’s because, well, it is! We’ve been accumulating motorcycle specifications for years now in our attempt to get everyone on the road with their favorite toys. We also have a close working relationship with Givi and will utilize their products to help facilitate mounting our racks in scenarios where we don’t have a direct fit for your moto. There are of course exceptions in rare cases, but if you’re ever in doubt, reach out to us and we’ll do our best to get you outfitted with a 2×2 rack! 

Where are your products made?

All of our racks are built by us, by hand, in the United States. We source our steel from a local business, we have our laser cutting done nearby, and have our powder coating done by a business down the street. All of the tie down straps included with your purchase are also made in the United States, even the LED light kits for our Golf Club Carriers! We oversee every aspect of the construction of our racks as well as the components that go into them so we can to build a product that we trust and believe in. 

Do you ship outside the United States?

We like to say our products are handmade in the United States and built for the world. We happily ship our products internationally and try to keep our shipping costs as fair as possible. We aren’t in the business of making money off of ludicrous shipping fees. 

Typically, we ship internationally via UPS Worldwide Expedited for quick and affordable delivery. Smaller accessory pieces are shipped via USPS Priority International. If you would like a particular shipping carrier and/or expedited shipping, please feel free to contact us so we can get you a quote. 

Bicycle Rack Questions

What effect will it have on my bicycle frame? Will it get scratched or stressed?

As passionate bicyclists, we love our bicycles and we know you love yours too. Rest assured we would never design a product that would do any harm to your bicycle. Your bicycle will NOT be scratched and will have NO stress put upon it. With our unique design for our horizontal rack, you place the front fork into the quick release of the rack (supports both standard and 15mm axles), and then you lower the pedal arm into the patented Pedal Arm Holder. Not even your bottom bracket comes in contact with the rack. The bottom of the saddle is lined with rubber and there is a protective plug on the Pedal Holder Arm for the inside portion of the crank arm. Yes, we even protect the crank arm. That is all the contact you can expect; no frame stress or pinched cables and no scratches (except for the well-earned ones on the trail).

Same goes for our Vertical bicycle rack. There is no contact with the frame of your bicycle and will never be capable of scratching or hurting bicycle when used properly. 

Is it safe? What about wind and handling?

All of our racks are designed to ride in line with the rider, thus keeping the balance of the motorcycle on center and at the lowest profile possible. In most cases your body is blocking any forward wind effects on the rack behind you since we do not mount in a way to be wider than the rider. By nature, a bicycle is all holes, so any wind is generally going to pass through it. The rider and mass of the motorcycle will have more effect than the bicycle. After a couple of minutes of riding you will find yourself looking back to make sure it is still there.

What size bicycles do your racks fit?

All of our bicycle carrier racks, both horizontal and vertical are designed to be highly adaptable. Both racks feature telescoping components so that you can adjust the dimensions of the racks to support any bicycle size. In addition, the Vert Rack with the Mountain Bike Tower offsets your MTB so that any crazy designed downtube sits to the left/right of the main body, preventing any type of impediment on that front. We offer a range of accessory items to ensure proper bicycle mounting in the case you run Boost Forks, platform pedals, leftys, etc. 

The only bicycle exceptions are ones you may be able to guess: Recumbents, tandems, and unicycles. Of those 3, we do make a unicycle carrier. Please contact us if you are interested in a rack for your unicycle. 

Where does the front wheel go?

For the Horizontal Rack, there is a small “L” shaped slotted fork arm that comes out of the Pedal Arm Holder where you simply place the front wheel and tighten the quick release. Done! 

Similarly, the Vertical Rack has a dedicated front wheel holder that provides a slot for you to lock your front wheel when removed. With our Mountain Bike Tower, you can also leave your front wheel on your bicycle in some cases. Same for BMX bikes with our BMX Tower. 

What's the difference between the Horizontal and Vertical racks?

Unlike our original bicycle carrier rack, the Vert Rack carries your bicycle in a vertical position. Beyond that shocking twist, the Vert Rack does allow for some other unique advantages, namely the ability to mount a top box while carrying your bicycle in most cases. Both horizontal and vertical bicycle rack setups provide the same stability, security, and ease of use, but the Vert Rack offers some additional versatility that the horizontal setup wasn’t able to accommodate.

In addition, if you’re exclusively a mountain biker, equipping the Vert Rack with our Mountain Bike Tower sets you up with the fastest and easiest method of loading your bicycle on your Moto. 

Golf Club Rack Questions

How do my golf clubs get secured?

Included with all purchases of our Golf Club Carrier racks (including attachment kits) are 2 heavy duty (2″ wide), velcro straps, that are made in the United States. Located on the back of our Golf Club Rack are 2 hoops (top and bottom) welded to the spine for easy access. All you have to do is drop your clubs and cinch them down with the straps! 

Will it obstruct my taillight?

Typically yes, but we did in fact realize that when making these! All of our Golf Club Carriers come with a US made, DOT approved, LED brake/running light kit already wired and installed through the rack. These aren’t the cheap LED kits you can find on eBay. They are bright and we’ve actually replaced all the stock brake/running lights on our personal motorcycles with these light kits. 

No wire cutting is necessary to hook them up to your moto either. Included with your purchase are 3 posi tap clips that fold over the wires on your moto, providing a male end for our wire kit to plug into. We provide common wire color functions and diagrams for this procedure. You may have to consult your owners/service manual to identify the correct wires, but no cutting or splicing is needed to hook the system up!

What size bag can it carry?

Any sized bag you got! As we’ve said elsewhere, we handmake these out of all steel construction. We’ve had 200+ lb individuals physically stand in/on our Golf Club Carrier rack with no issue. The included velcro straps also provide ample length to accommodate whatever size clubs you want to bring to the greens. 

Could I carry...more than one set of clubs?

As a matter of fact…you can! We offer either single or double bag carrying capacities. If you’re looking to go to the course or the driving range with your partner, we got you covered. Our double golf club carrier features a more comprehensive light kit that also has blinker support. Same as with our light kit for single bag carriers, no cutting of wires is necessary to get you lit up. We use the same posi-tap system to hook into your motos existing wiring harness. 

Help! I still have more questions!

No more questions! Just kidding of course. Please feel free to contact us by phone, text, email, snail mail or smoke signals. We want to hear from you and are here to answer any and all questions! We love talking about motorcycles, bicycles, golf, extreme sports, and everything in-between! You can also leave a message in our contact form below or through our live chat system!


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